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Tell us the story of your sale!

-Kevin F. (Sechelt, BC CAN)

Yes, the 1952 Ford F1 is sold and it is because of the cacars.com listing - thanks!!! A guy in Provo, Utah, bought it.
-Paul B. (Little Rock, AR)

Yeah – the buyer did contact me through calling all cars. It was $200 well spent to list with you guys.
-Rob S. (Bismarck, ND)

Thanks to you, I sold my car yesterday. I will use you again in the future.
-Bill H. (Hamilton, OH)

I just wanted to let you know that we sold our coach. It was sold in the first five days you folks advertised it! THANK YOU! I did not want to let you folks know until the transaction was finalized!
-Bob R. (Milford, NH)

Very satisfied that it was seen on your site and responded to and sold quickly.
- Alan G. (Surprise, AZ)

The lead came from rv registry. The sale went smooth and he has taken it home.
- Don D. (Marion, AR)

RV Registry it is one of my favorite RV sites.
- Jack O. (Cary, IL)

I do want to thank you for your customer service as I always received your answer to my emails.
- Donna R. (North Bay, NY)

I am very grateful for your time and help. You’ve been quite patient, gracious and professional. Thank you.
- Charlotte L. (Port Rowan ON, CAN)

Thank You for your quick response, and reporting the number of visitors. I appreciate very much, your immediate Customer Service. You evidently know what the word mean.
- Brock G. (Graham, TX)

Thank you Rachal for your quick reply and for solving the situation that we had promptly. Its good customer care that can either make or break a company and I would venture to say that your company is most likely proud to have you on their team. If not they aut to be. I know that I wouldn’t mind having you aboard my team... I’ dconsider it a blessing! Not only did you email me but you followed up with a phone call to make sure everything is fine. Now I only hope that everything has been straighte. (out although I know I can be rest assured in knowing that you will be there if a situation arises. I haven’t had time to look over as of yet but I will sometime here real soon. Thank you again Rachal.
- Dick R. (West Dundee, IL)

Rachal - Thanks for being so pleasant and helpful.
- Robert H. (Albuquerque, NM)

Rachal, Thank you for your quick response. I want to take this opportunity to let you know how valuable I think you are to RV Registry. You have a very positive attitude about everything, you are very pleasant to talk to on the phone and you are very dependable, you always do what you say yo. (will.

So many times we all lose sight of the value that our Customer Service folks provide to the positive, overall image that you convey for your Company, it certainly makes one want to do business with that Company. The majority of the people doing Customer Service work today have totally lost sight of “Excellent Customer Service” and most feel they are doing Customer a favor by handling their requests. They forget that the Customer’s are the only reason they are in business. This is certainly not how you work!

Thank you for all the fine work you have done for me and please keep up the good work!

- Bruce J. (Ocala, FL)

I am writing this letter of appreciation in regards to Rachal Maestas. Every time I’ve called and talked to Rachal she has always been very helpful, courteous, and kind with helping me with changes that I make to my ad which your company has been running for two and a half years now which I do greatly appreciate. I know she said she is just doing her job but sometimes employees like Rachal get unnoticed for the exceptional work that they do day to day and I just wanted you to know what kind of employee she is and how great a job she does for your company and I’m sure others in your company are great also but all of the time has been with Rachal except when she was out at the time she was having her baby and I was dealing with Tam E at that time and she to was also kind and helpful I’m hoping to get rid of this truck and parts soon so I don’t have to hall it with me when I move. Again I do appreciate that your company has been helping me try to sell this from time I’ve had this ad running with your company. If its not too much to ask of you can you please kindly tell Rachal that I sent this to you.
- Dale M. (Marina, CA)

I have sold the RV. Thanks for your help! - Lucian N. (Morgan Hill, CA)

Thank you for your service. We have just sold the motorhome. Actually the buyer called us 2 days after it was on your Registry, but it took awhile for all the details Thank you very much
- Leroy F. (Joseph, OR)

The motorhome was sold as a result of your ad. Please discontinue the listing. 
 Thank you for your service.
- Michael B. (Prospect Heights, IL)

Thank-you for your service. We have sold the coach. It has been great to have your help.
- Josephine V. (Sun City West, AZ)

Dear RV Registry, I just sold my 2003 Coachman Captiva Thanks to your on-line ad service. Please remove my listing as of today. Thank you for your assistance.
- Bill C. (Cathedral City, CA)

We have sold the 36’ 1998 Winnebago Chieftain that is registered with you. The buyer said he found our RV thru your website. THANKS
- Charles C. (Naples, FL)

Thank you for your service. Great news for me...new home for the Dynasty as of last Friday! Please remove my ad from all sites and areas that it was placed on. Best wished as you help others with their motorhomes.
- Van G. (South Bend, IN)

My 96 Coachman van has been sold. Thank you for your great service. I have received a lot of inquires.
- Marian S. (Alden, IA)

I sold this coach last week. Thank you for your help in selling it.
- Jim B. (Montgomery, NY)

Above registration # has been sold through your org. Thank you
- James M. (Manahawkin, NJ)

The Kountry Aire fifth wheel you have listed has been sold. The lead did come from your site so we appreciate it very much. You may now take it off the site. Thanks again
- Dick K. (Brookfield, MO)_

Just wanted to let you know that we finally sold our used motorhome and it was to someone who saw our ad at RVregistry.com. He was the only one who called from that ad, but that made it worth the money. So you can remove the ad from your service.
- Jim H. (Greenfield, WI)

I just wanted you to know that after all this time I have a buyer for the RV. I only had four people look and a lot of inquires and three promises that they wanted it but never came up with the money. Your site does reach people that are truly interested in buying. Thanks for your service and I will use your service again in the future. Best Regards
- Leslie V. (Frostproof, FL)

You may remove my ad for the 2002 Dutchman Travel Trailer. Your ad helped me successfully sell the trailer this past weekend. Thank you for your service!
- Kirk W. (Saint Charles, MO)

I have sold my trailer by using your website and I want to thank you for your services and to let you know that you may remove the ad, again thank you.
- Ken L. (Grandville, MI)

Thanx, my trailer sold, because of your ad. Please remove my ad, well done.
- Jim K. (Petaluma, CA)

We sold it! I especially want to thank you for the outstanding advice and customer service. All of our requests were handled very professionally and promptly. We previously tried advertising our unit in the local paper, and wasted our time and money doing it. RV Registry is the best way to advertise. We received more inquiries regarding our unit using RV Registry and even had potential buyers on a waiting list if our deal fell through. We would definitely use your service again, if we ever need to sell an RV. Thanks A Million!!
- Harry S. (Tyler, TX)

I sold my RV due to your site Please remove my listing from your site. Thank You,
- Ray J. (Mc Minnville, TN)

My 2001 sportsmobile has sold. I received a total of 3 inquiries in over a month on this registry. Please remove my vehicle from the registry. Thanks
- Gordon J. (Mount Vernon, WA)

Please be informed that we sold our beautiful motorhome. 
 Thank you very much for your assistance in the advertising. Your efforts have been greatly appreciated. We would not hesitate recommending your company to anyone that would be selling their recreational vehicles. Thanks again
- Ed G. (Eagle, ID)

To whom it may concern, We’ve had our RV listed with you and it is now SOLD!!! YEAH!! Please mark it as sold. Thank You for your wonderful help!!
- Bill H. (Mesa, AZ)

Please remove my ad from your service, as we have just sold it. We did sell it to someone as a result of your site.
- Larry K. (Payson, AZ)

Sold unit through RV registry----a marvelous, effective means of selling o. (buying RV’s Please remove my ad and THANKS!!!!!
- T. E. L. (Pearce, AZ)

This vehicle has been sold. Thank you for doing a great job of marketing it. I had several prospective buyers, and some came to look at it before the final buyers came. You did Great!
- Marilyn H. (Reno, NV)

This is to notify you that my 1999 Dutch Star located in Sylva, NC has been sold. The new owner took ownership today. He saw the MH in your listing. I appreciate the professionalism you extended to me during this process. I will recommend your services to others.
- Frank B. (Sylva, NC)

This is to notify you that our Class C 1990 Lazy Daze RV has sold. We received many calls from all over the U.S. because of our listing through your services. Thank You
- Mike/Jill M. (Clovis, CA)

I sold my motorhome on Saturday and no longer need the listing. It did sell through the registry.
- Bill S. (Gig Harbor, WA)

You can mark “SOLD” on my ad for the Airstream listing shown below. I had tremendous response to the ad and sold it today. I would recommend your site to anyone wanting to sell an RV. Thanks Thanks
- Carl M. (Espanola, NM)

Great news! My RV sold thanks to your service. The buyers came from New Mexico last weekend and drove it home. Needless to say I am very pleased. Thanks for your help
- Joe/Marianne B. (Alvarado, TX)

My 1999 Rialta motorhome sold yesterday. Please take it off your listing. Your service worked very well. The man who purchased it plans to contact you to sell his!
 Thank you
- Laura A. (Walnut Creek, CA)

Please remove my Fleetwood Discovery Model 36A motorhome from your website. I sold it today and I’m happy to report it was sold through your website. Thank You
- Robert E. (Tucson, AZ)

I listed my 2001 Audi TT Quatro with you back in June. Please remove it from your listing, as the car has been sold. A med student in KY bought it due to your listing! Thanks
- Doug H. (Corryton, TN)

MY VEHICLE SOLD BECAUSE OF YOUR WEBSITE! VEHICLE SOLD! Thank you so much for your great site!
- Roberta M. (Campbell, CA)

My 1963 Cadillac has happily sold for $25,000 including shipping from Cali to DC. Thank you for your help
- Timothy S. (Forestville, CA)

Thank you for your service.. I tried a few different services and found yours to be the most popular. I am happy to say that your website sold my camper and I appreciate your services. Please remove the ad as soon as you can and again I thank you very much.
- Greg D. (Southwick, MA))

Sold thru service, very good, it sold quickly
- Kathy S. (Denver, PA)

I sold my 300 C from one person coming to look off your site.
- Rex T. (West Des Moines, IA)

I have sold my 23 Buick. Thanks so much for your help, only wished I’d have asked more for it instead of just trying to move it price
- Gail P. (Wichita, KS)

Hello, I sold my boat... great job with the listing, if you want any further input as to my satisfaction, give me shout.
- Shannon S. (Saint Louis, MO)

Mark this boat sold!!!! Yeah!!! Thanks for a wonderful way to market boats. I tried all summer to sell my boat and through local publications. CAB sold my boat for me!!
- Lynda A. (West Columbia, SC)

Please cancel the above listing. I have sold the motorhome to a person who saw it listed on “RVRegistry.com.” Thanks
- Curtis L. (Sisterville, WV)

Hello and Thank you I sold my 32H 2000 Bounder the other day to the only nibble I had in response to your advertising, but it only takes one, doesn’t it? Thank you very much for your help.
- John S. (Sumner, WA)

Thanks for the service, I recently sold my vehicle, please take me off the board. Thanks so much.
- Kyle T. (Atlanta, GA)

I want to inform you that the 96 Porsche C4 sold on Saturday for the asking price. The seller came from your listing. Thank you
- Paul/Carolyn T. (Sacramento, CA)

Please remove this ad from your website as it has been sold. Thank you very much your assistance in this matter. I could not have sold it without your help.
- Patrick D. (Toledo, OH)

FYI - For approximately 9 months we advertised our rig using just about every method advertising available, yet we never received one phone call or inquiry. Almost immediately after our listing was posted on your website, we received three calls. I think we should have considered using your service long ago!
- Jody H. (Woodstock, VT)

We sold our motorhome this morning. Thank you for your help! We got our full price.
- Bill B. (Boise, ID)

Pleased to inform you to remove this ad from your listing. It has been sold and it was sold through this ad. Thank You
- Robert W. (Tulsa, OK)

Letting you know that the Excel Limited 5th wheel which I have listed on your site has sold. It sold from your site. I had it listed on other sites and local media without any serious inquiry, but I had several inquiries generated from your site. Thanks!
- Robert W. (Louisville, KY)

I sold my motorhome July 9th to a couple from Canada who winter in Scottsdale, AZ. They found it on your webpage. We emailed back and forth and they flew down here and picked it up. Another satisfied customer! Also, just as an interesting note, on July 4th I had a call from a couple who were interested (from your webpage) and they live just about a mile from me. Small world. Anyway, you can take my listing off and I appreciate your service.
- Carolyn C. (Albuquerque, NM)

I’m notifying you that we sold our 1951 Packard last week to a fellow in Oklahoma. The ad was worth every penny.
- Ted D. (Maineville, OH)

Please delete my ad for my 1993 Nissan 300 ZX 2+2. It has been sold - buyer found it on Calling all Cars. Thank you for your service.
- Joseph P. (Newport, VA)

My 1959 Triumph TR3 in Troutville has been sold. Please remove my ad from your site. Also, the buyer found my car through your listing. Thank you.
- Bob S. (Troutville, VA)

We had a 2001 Sea Ray Weekender for sale. It has sold! Thanks to your ad!
- Rayn B. (Pace, FL)

Our Nitro Boat is listed with your company and I would like to inform you that our boat has sold... Thank you for your services
- John W. (Urbandale, IA)

This boat has sold as a result of your listing... Thank you very much.
- David R. (Charlotte, NC)

The boat sold through your website
- Barry T. (Boise, ID)

Thanks for your help by advertising on your site I sold our 5th wheel Montana Mountaineer by Keystone from Union, MO. Put it on the sold list.
- Gary Y. (Union, MO)

I listed my ‘03 Southwind 3 weeks ago and had 2 calls within a day last week. Both callers said that my coach was exactly what they were looking for. One caller drove all the way from Phoenix (280 miles) with his wife and bought it on the spot for my full asking price! Needless to say, I am very happy that RV Registry helped me sell my coach. I had listed it in the local newspaper which included internet listings but all I got was dealers which were offering 10K under what I got it for!
- Pete D. (Rancho Mirage, CA)

I sold my trailer. Please remove from your listing. Thanks for making this list a no hassle affair. - Frank W. (Crestwood, KY)

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